about:  Little Turquoise House of Love Poems…the hand made life

When I was a teenager, my mother and I visited my grandmother’s house every Sunday. It was a tiny house with a tiny yard full of roses and an arched entrance hall that was painted an exquisite shade of turquoise.  As a young woman my Grandmother had been sent from Hare Bay, Newfoundland to make the pilgrimage to Toronto where she and her sisters were to do “domestic work” for the well to do.  My grannies’ hands were never idle–she crocheted gorgeous works of art and supplemented her income knotting hockey nets.  It is my Grannie’s little turquoise house that became first my mother’s and now my good fortune enabling me to realize my dream of the hand made life.

hours: Closed Jan. 12 to March 21, 2019.

Sundays 11-4pm

Often open, please look for the sign

Please call (250) 325-3509 or  (250) 816-1139 to arrange a visit


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